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Powder Blues

Inducted in: 2004-09-04

For over three decades Powder Blues has been Canada’s premier blues band. They mix Swing, Blues, Jazz, Rock & Roll and R & B into their unique sound. This has resulted in an appeal so wide that people from seven to seventy often swing side by side at a Powder Blues concert. Over the years the band has toured ceaselessly throughout Canada, the United States and overseas, spreading the joy of a music that makes people smile and dance.

Their first album, Uncut, was released in 1980 and sold over one million copies worldwide and producing 4 top ten songs. Their second album, Thirsty Ears, shipped platinum and produced the band's first top 5 single. A live album recording at the Montreux Jazz Festival and a Juno Award as well as the Blues Foundation award cements their legacy among Canada's great performers

Their rich history and accomplishments make them a fantastic choice as the first Canadian band inducted to our hall of fame on September 4th, 2004

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