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Big Dave McLean

Inducted in: 2007-09-22

Our 10th inductee, Big Dave McLean, was born in Saskatchewan and grew up in Winnipeg. As a young lad he listened to his older brother's blues records. Meeting John P. Hammond at a music festival led to an impromptu guitar lesson. Of Hammond Mr. McLean stated: "one of the most courteous gentlemen on this planet, you know, totally helpful, inspiring"

This may have planted the seed of helping aspiring musicians, influencing fellow western Canadians Colin James and the band Wide Mouth Mason. A true bluesman, he was known to work odd jobs to supplement his income while singing and performing.

With 7 albums to his credit he has cemented his legacy as a made in Canada Blues legend. Billboard noted that "Big Dave's been the quintessential behind-the-scene bluesman. He's done more to shape the Western Canadian blues scene than perhaps any other artist". The film documentary "Ain't bout The Money" explores his journey through a Blues life. A wonderful addition to the Canada South Blues Museum.

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